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Goblin Bust

General / 17 January 2022

Goblin Bust inspired by Styx (Of Orcs and Men, Master of Shadows)

Stay tuned for more

Vikings - Don't be afraid Scene

General / 13 November 2020


I decided to recreate the epic scene with Ragnar and Ekbert, when they make their deal...

I love the lighting and the mood of this scene.
Here are some references and again rendering test of Ragnar with new texture maps.

/* Rendering */

Stryke 2.0

General / 19 October 2020

Gial Ackbar

General / 22 December 2019

...concept for a Star Wars fanmovie. Coming soon!


Clothing/ Armor Update Part III

General / 29 May 2019

Link with enviroment light and modeling/texturing updates


Clothing/ Armor Update Part II

General / 25 April 2019

Hero in green update!


Link's Head

General / 17 April 2019

More Updates!


Link's Armor Set

General / 10 April 2019

Work in progress! Yepp, it goes on to the legend.

Ragnar Lothbrok - Prisoner Part I

General / 04 April 2019

Today I finished Ragnars head shading and so on.
Next step will be his prisoner cloth.

Here is the posting: