Orctober Blog #01

Work In Progress / 08 October 2019

Hey guys,

here are some sinppets of the #Orctober progress ;)
Sculpted in zBrush, Texturing in Mudbox and Photoshop.

Skin texture shader bla bla testing!!

Clothing/ Armor Update Part III

General / 29 May 2019

Link with enviroment light and modeling/texturing updates


Clothing/ Armor Update Part II

General / 25 April 2019

Hero in green update!


Link's Head

General / 17 April 2019

More Updates!


Link's Armor Set

General / 10 April 2019

Work in progress! Yepp, it goes on to the legend.

Ragnar Lothbrok - Prisoner Part I

General / 04 April 2019

Today I finished Ragnars head shading and so on.
Next step will be his prisoner cloth.

Here is the posting:






Head Update - Textures

Work In Progress / 02 April 2019

Here are three renderings with different light setups in Maya to find the best value of the skin shader.
I also painted new maps for the coat weight, rough and spec channels.

I think the skin looks better than the previous.

Head / Face Update_01 Sideview

Work In Progress / 27 March 2019

It is very tricky to research his head tattoo...

Head / Face Update_01

Work In Progress / 27 March 2019

Modeling and Texturing in Mudbox 2018
Rendered in Maya 2019 - arnold renderer
Hairsystem with XGen
Using XYZ Skin Alphas
Nuke for merging the AOVs

Ragnar is back!

Work In Progress / 27 March 2019

I started a new subproject! In the past I reshaped the head and worked on the body but I was really unhappy with the results.
Now (yesterday) I retextured the skin and rebuilt his beard for a better natural look. Tweaked the new arnold shader in Maya 2019.
I took the model from 2017

Here is my reference screen with color grading from Vikings.

And her with natural color levels:

Hope you stay tuned.